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REVITALIZATION of Generation to Generation Exhibit
"first baby step"

The photo exhibit is currently located at the corridor on the ground floor of the museum. It's part of the "Plan B" on rebuilding the CCC Museum.

We are proposing to transform this corridor, the least desirable part of the building, to a 3-section exhibit area.

This wall is adjacent to the Generation to Generation Exhibit. The "photo mural" came from the "Saltwatercity Exhibition" of 1986. It depicts the railway workers in BC. c.1881-85.

This wall leads to the first section of the corridor holding the "beginning" the Generation to Generation Exhibit.

The entrance to this section displays a description of the exhibit:

"This exhibit offers a glimpse of the lives of pioneer Chinese in the frontier town of Barkerville and the early community in Vancouver."

This was also the inaugural exhibit of the new CCC Museum in 1998. Different priorities through out the years had it placed in storage. It was taken out in 2012. Now we have big plans to display it properly in a permanent location.

The other two sections are proposed for displaying CCC's jade collection and for hanging acknowledgement plaques of generous donors..

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