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This is NOT the official site of Chinese Cultural Centre Museum. We DO NOT offically represent them and we DO NOT do fundraising from the site. It is constructed soley for the benefit of volunteers working on the permanent exhibits of Chinese Canadian History project at the Museum.

Generation to Generation

We are a group of volunteers trying to be amature historians.
A committee was established on January 1st 2013 to carrying on the work, inspired by 2 CCC Exhibits: "Saltwatercity" and "From Generation to Generation", about Chinese Canadian History. We will try to continue to tell the story with exhibits in our museum setting. We don't have funding [not looking for any] and probably not much support [yet], but we do have enthusiasm. We do need a lot of help in collecting artefacts, building the exhibits, and, most of all, tell the story in an interesting and informative way.
If you wish to volunteer for this museum group, please click to News

For serious research and academic information, please see Prof. Henry Yu's information below.

Prof. Henry Yu

From Professor Henry Yu's Website
Prof. Yu is committed to expanding the engagement between academic research and the communities which the university serves. He is the Project Lead for a $1.17 million project entitled "Chinese Canadian Stories: Uncommon Histories from a Common Past" ( which will create a one-stop web portal for the the reinterpretation of Canadian history through the lens of Chinese Canadians. Receiving $950,000 from the Community Historical Recognition Program of the Canadian Federal government, this project aims to gather the ignored histories of one of the "founding peoples" of Canada and to use the latest in new media technologies to present a new understanding of our common history. As part of the project, Prof. Yu's research team is collaborating with the Spatial History Lab at Stanford University in creating state of the art visualizations of historical data. See them at Stanford University website

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